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Jul 9, 2009

copy and paste secret to your mylot success

With MyLot, you can make money online and get paid for starting a new discussion, commenting on other member's discussions, and uploading photos.I joined the forum few weeks ago. I find it fun and I get to meet a lot of friends. But there is one thing that I don’t like about the mylot is you can’t copy and paste into the post field if your rating is below 500. When ever I try to paste I got a message box that says only user with atleast 500 points up are allowed to paste. and i guess this concern a lot of newbie myloters. now, making money moms will show you how to do it. at no extra charge! and this is where making money moms build its reader trust, when we say FREE!!! we mean FREE!!...

If you are a mylot member, the one rule that you know is that any member without 500 posts are not allowed to use the very useful copy and paste tool to do posts in mylot.

Reaching 500 posts before getting the benefit is somehow quite long to wait and many will end up giving up or getting their account deleted.

Here are 2 benefits that you can get if you can copy and paste :

1. Copy and paste before reaching 500 posts and earn more money with longer posts.

2. Faster and sensible post since you can check the web about a certain topic and then copy its content and paste in mylot. (just always include the source of course.)

I earn $0.05 - $0.08 for each discussion I make on mylot

You can too.

now, follow me on mylot and click here this will make you register under me ofcourse and after that i will PM to you the FREE system. its not a software or any Geek thing, a simple thing you need to do and then you will have the privilege of copy-paste thing in mylot even under 500 points.

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