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Jun 24, 2009

How to Make Money with adsense without a website.

Every day people share hundreds of thousands of links on Message Forums, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and other social services. The links can be anything from a video on YouTube to a website worth checking out. Now imagine that with each link you share, you have a chance of getting paid per click - that is the power of TXT.EXE Premium.

keep reading and you will discover how to make money with adsense even if your site is not getting massive traffic or even if you dont have website at all. making money moms will show you how to. this will make making money moms like you one step ahead.

Let me expain how it works:

1.You sign up for a Google Adsense account if you don’t already have one.


you can create a channel for this as you will want to track it separate from all your other adsense endevors. But its totally optional. Me. I don’t care about tracking adsense thing so I didn’t mind it. As long as I am making money, I don’t care. But if you do, better to create a channel.
You need to find your Publisher ID, that is in the upper-right hand corner of the page that looks like: “pub-1254685354698241” of course the number will be different.

2. Head on over to TXT.EXE and read what they have to say about their program. Look at the very bottom of the page and you will see about 5 links. Click on one of them so you will get and idea of how the page will look to anyone who clicks on the link you provide.
As you probably noticed, you have to have an INVETATION KEY to gain access. No worry, today is your lucky day! Click on the link below, but be sure to open it to another window or new tab so, you I can walk you through.



You will need to hand type this key. I don’t know but for some reason you cannot copy and paste it.

3. Once you get in, click on the “MY ACCOUNT” link and you will see your dashboard. Your share to start with is 15%. But the first mission you need to undertake is to get 5 people to join under your key code. Once this is done, your share will increase to 20%. That’s not all. The more people you get in under your key code, the more your money will increase as you get a share of their impressions too! So put your invitation to the program in a place where people will see it and gain by. This program is not about you, it’s about sharing profits. Something that Adsense is designed to do.

Next you need to SQUEEZE some url’s. I know that you have used digg and created some interest story so you can get some free traffic to your site. This is kind of the same thing, except you send people to a story that you have read or a video that you have seen. When they click on your “SQUEEZED” link, they will be taken to a page on TXT.EXE that has a large block of Google Adsense ads and one button that says “Go to Website”.

What this does is gives the person who clicked your link an option. Click the Adsense ad or go to the website. If you have ever done any internet marketing, you should know that if you are going to get money from anyone, you give the person as little choice as possible. In this case they have 2 options. Either they click and Adsense advertisement link (which is designed to be the same type of information just like the destination link) or they click the button that will take them to the desired site.

You also need to keep in mind that if you are going to promote “Squeezed” links, they need take your customer to a site that has marketable Adsesnse ads. For instance: Diet, Software, Children, Pets, Medicine…anything that would have lots of interest and would also have Adsense ads for that particular product or service.
Now, if you have had problems getting any money from your Adsense account in the past, this will increase you revenue exponentially. You still keep all your other Adsense campaigns and you add this one to the mix. The reason you want to create a CHANNEL for this program is so you can see how much more you will make than your standard campaign.

This guide gave you a powerful knowledge to super charge your adsense income. Use the information and make sure to stick with the term and policies. And see your revenue grow.

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